Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 3

5:01 PM

We headed out late on our 3rd day as some of us got the sniffles and all we scheduled was to shop anyways =)

Nasi Lemak is great for breakfast.

Heavy laden with food, we decided to walk and find the Mono Rail that will take us to Bintang Walk where we can have great shopping finds. For the Filipinos, Bintang walk can be likened to Greenhills or Divisoria.

Menara Tower on our way out

A reflection of the KL Tower and a Camel lights on this b

Hop on - Hop Off bus

To cut the long story short, we got lost. In our quest to find the fastest way to Bukit Bintang, we wanted to take the Mono Rail when, days later, we found out we took the opposite turn and if we only read the road signs we'd learn that it's a short walk from Pacific Regency Hotel.

Oh well, getting lost is an adventure in itself plus we get to ride the mono train and saw the other side of KL that locals can only usually see.

For those who knew that I'm a crazy shopper. I did not, I repeat, I did not go berserk in Kuala Lumpur. For the main reason that I honestly think it's like Greenhills in the Philippines and that Greenhills has a lot more to offer to me than Bukit Bintang for the price they offer. There are cute finds and the must souvenir buys but other than that, I was good. My shopping buddies where a different story though, being them living in Dubai all their lives, that place is a shopping haven.

We finally got tired and hungry, we opted for Nando's Peri- Peri chicken. I know we have Nando's here in Kuwait but I haven't tried it yet so imagine my surprise when I tasted their Lemon and Herb. It's delicious! It melts in your mouth and the ice tea is one of the best tasting tea I've had in our trip. I ordered Lemon and herb as I am not a fan of spicy food and Peri - Peri is spicyyyyy!

Our starters that we were not able to finish thus became our dinner the next day =D

Presenting, our shopping loot!

and we're not done yet. Day 4 is more shopping!

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