Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Day 2

3:52 PM

Day 2 in Kuala Lumpur is best described in photos.

Our view while eating breakfast.

We went crazy on the breakfast buffet especially with the waffles!

First tourist stop: Batu Caves

It's a good distance away from the city but it's worth seeing.

Batu caves is a sacred place for the Hindu's. It mostly have a series of caves and temples dedicated for their Lord Murugan.

To reach the cave, you have to climb approx 272 steps of stairs and face the wrath of the hungry snatcher monkeys.

Don't come bringing plastics like what this lady did as you will surely get attacked by the monkeys!
Monkey: Hello there
Lady: uhuh

Monkey: What do you have there?
Lady: Shooo monkey shooo

Monkey: Not until I get the food!
Lady: Yikes!

So yeah, climb up the stairs but no matter how thirsty you get, drink it after.

Hindu statues
Going up!

The monkeys are quite territorial and may bite. Can't blame them though as they are really exploited and sometimes hurt by the tourists.

Hindu temples inside the cave

At the bottom of the cave is this pretty lake garden.

After a grueling climb our next stop was the Bird Park. I swear, in this vacation i have seen enough birds and animals to last me a lifetime.

They look very elegant noh? =)

Our last stop is of course my favorite stop of the day, Berjaya Times Square for shopping and of course BORDERS! It's a marvel how I perk up with a thought of a bookstore =)

Half of my loot at Borders! Thanks to my benefactor =)

We had a good night afterwards. A really really good night with wine, tequila shots and laughter. Oh wait, was it the first night? =))

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