Hello Blogger =)

1:37 AM

Facebook has usurped your place in my internet addiction.

Even real life events has no chance with Facebook.

Real life though gave me a reason to be excited for the following dates;

  • 17th December - is an Islamic New Year if I'm not mistaken so I'm hoping for it to be a public holiday so I can bake cookies, muffins and other goodies that I'll give out as gifts =)

  • 20th December - the Philippine Embassy of Kuwait is under the sponsorship of soon to be announced company is throwing a Christmas party and to honor 10 best employers/ residents/ companies and best of all there's going to be a BAZAAR and we will have our own stall there selling and promoting handmade Pinoy products.

  • 23rd December - we have been requested to sponsor/ feed approx 150 pax made up of staffs and wards of the Philippine Embassy of Kuwait and guess who's cooking? =D

  • 24th December - Celebrating Christmas eve with the family, exchange gifts and cooking the Christmas dinner spread =)

  • 25th December - Celebrating Christmas day with the family and best of all our 3rd annual Pay it Forward Gensan has garnered a whole lot of new sponsors so we are planning not only to give out food on the streets but also sponsor an orphanage. How cool is that? =)

  • and next year, oh I get all giddy to think of what's in store for me and my family next year.

    Expect more updates again Blogger as I really did miss writing and posting like there's no tomorrow here.

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