Christmas Countdown

1:39 AM

Is obviously going to be late as me and the family has been so busy running around and to summarize it all:

  • The Christmas party thrown by Ambassador Endaya of Philippine Embassy Kuwait was fun and the food was truly Filipino style. 5 stars to the chefs at SAS Radisson.

  • Early Christmas party at the house was a success! Everyone had a good time and nothing stupid happened. It's what party is all about.

  • At the same party we made a donation box, passed it around the guests and got a total of 40 KD for our Pay It Forward GenSan feeding program =)
  • Received a total of approx 32 Thousand Pesos as donations for our Pay It Forward Gensan. We are now planning to do 2 activities; the feeding of street children and then going to the orphanage/ DSWD and give out goodies or food there too!

  • Cooked spaghetti worthy of 300 people and spent a day at the Philippine Embassy of Kuwait for a Christmas party with the sheltered Overseas Filipino Workers.

  • Wrapped almost 2 dozen gifts and I still haven't finished crossing out names.

  • Currently sitting on the floor in my cousins bedroom, listening to the laughter and chatter by friends and family downstairs, waiting for Christmas.

MERRY CHRISTMAS WORLD! Let us all give thanks and appreciate the blessings that the Lord our God has given.

Merry Christmas Papa. I miss you a whole lotta lot =) I love you.

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