9 Days Before Christmas

3:50 AM

Today (Philippine time 4 a.m.) is the start of Misa de Gallo and I really want to attend and complete all 9 days. Unfortunately, I can't find anyone who knows if such service is being held in the 2 Catholic Church here in Kuwait.

Our Pay It Forward GenSan '09 got it's first two donations from our benefactors in Dubai
and from the Old People here in Kuwait.

Yey! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pay It Forwarders are planning to have a 2 and 1 program. The feeding of the street children and a orphanage/ home for the aged visit. This is a whole new level and we need to close some details but will update you for sure!

Still 9 days to go but it feels like Christmas day already =)

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