7 Days Before Christmas

5:11 AM

The family threw a fabulous Christmas party.

A party so awesome it lasted almost at 3 a.m. We had quite a shock as we didn't expect that much number of people. So unexpected that we ran out of plates and spoons.

As I was at work the whole day, I pre-cooked the lasagna the night before but most of the spread was prepared by the gorgeous mother.The Turkey was a hit last Thanksgiving that we had to give it a repeat performance on the table and it's better than ever!
Same with the Deviled Eggs for appetizer but this time it's the regular ones, not the green veggie version.
Macaroni and cheese is a staple =)
In Filipino we call it "Nilasing na Pato" or Drunken Duck!
Another Filipino specialty is the Pancit Bihon!
Ohhhh the sinful crabs =| it looks so good that I couldn't resist despite my allergy! =p
Finger foods! Lumpia is another Filipino delicacy and a best seller, fish and shrimp fries and of course the cheese sticks!
The Lasagna almost didn't make it as the night before I had to improvise on the bechamel sauce and the next day when Mama asked the help to put more, they poured not bechamel on it but BOLOGNAISE sauce! *Faints* Good thing I had time to repair it and well let's just say there was none left before the night is over =)
My mama's bread pudding specialty.
Macaroni salad in every Filipino Christmas party
The same with fruit salad
Can't forget our vegetarian friends! =)
Most of the desserts was pot lucked by guests.

I especially love this Christmas wonderland cake. It looks so good nobody, until now, had the heart to cut and eat it. We just kept taking photos of this pretty thing.
Gotta love these!

Chocolate cake by Sable
Assorted arabic sweets =)and many more unmentionable foods =D

The gorgeous mother did a great job. Everyone had fun eating, dancing, talking and cheering the night away.

Additional reason why the party is fabulous was because of this

I tried our luck from our guests and told them about Pay It Forward feeding program and GenSan and what do you know? Even before we finish the story they eagerly put their donation in our make shift box! Huge thanks to Big J for getting us our first donation of the night.

Total donation was 40 KD! Everyone was so eager to put in their money unfortunately knowing they're going into a party they didn't bring much. Hehehe.

The blister sister deserves a praise for going around with the box.

Christmas is still 7 days away but I truly believe that Christmas day begins when you start feeling it in the air, religious facts aside =)

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