Christmas Tree OH Christmas Tree =)

3:07 AM

The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree - Lady Gaga5 years ago, mama and I bought a 5'2" tall Christmas tree and we decorated it together for the first time.

One of the traditions formed while living here in Kuwait is putting up the Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving. In the Philippines, Christmas tree and other decors are put up during the start of the "ber" months which is September. That's how crazy Filipinos are with Christmas.

Last week it was nowhere to be found but thanks to Kuya Mico and the 10 KD padulas, he found it =D YaY! Libre =))

BUT because Kuwait is a country where excess is promoted, we bought a taller and much more bongga tree for our main living room.

The whole day was spent decorating it and it was sooo hagarda jackson as creative juices are squeezed and tempers flared.

End result is byuuuutttiiipuuul though.

I love Christmas!

Camera used: SE W995 =)

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