Lookleting Is Addicting

4:19 AM

Eversince I've read Chuvaness's Amaze Me: Win a phone from Sony Ericsson contest by the dolls in http://looklet.com I have been hooked and lookleting the whole weekend!

I'm not joining the contest as the criteria says one must be physically able to get the prizes and it's just too much stress to dress a doll trying to impress a Parsons educated judge as well as her friends in fashion business.

That aside, I looklet for the inner diva in me and to plan my vacation outfits!

Tamaditis day - the fab outfit for a couch potato. I have the cardigan and the sweatpants. I'll be lucky if I can fit into a corset and luckier if my Tita Marissa will buy me that much coveted DM's. Do we have a DM's store here in Kuwait by any chance?

Karnabal - Chic yet comfortable get up for running around on a laiback night with friends or with a date.

Day Out - A friend challenged me to wear the angel wings out on the street and my answer is of course "Yes, I will wear the angel wings in real life!" as soon as my weight gets proportionate to my height. haha!

The Book Addict - I love the sweater dress idea paired with boots - uggs preferably.
Most of my selections are on earth tones and for rainy/cold weather. Perfect for Autumn!

It's like playing barbie all over again.

Gow and looklet na people!

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