Kuwait's B-Boys Showed Off At FBAOA Today!

11:01 PM

I hope I got their acronym right. FBAOA is Filipino Badminton Association of Ahmadi. If not, I stand corrected people!

I digress though.

At the end of the seasonal game today, the B-Boys of Kuwait showed up thanks to Kuya Lino of K Climb and awed the Filipino community with their stunts and dance moves. Thanks to Kuya Meynard of Kuwait Aquarium for the video :)

B-boying may have begun as a building, productive, and a constructive youth culture alternative to the violence of urban street gangs.[7] Today, b-boying culture is a discipline somewhere between those of dancers and athletes. Since acceptance and involvement centers on dance abilities, b-boying culture is often free of the common race and gender boundaries of a subculture and has been accepted worldwide. (Wikipedia)

IMO, Kuwait should promote the culture of sports and arts and to engage the youth in these productive activities. Youngsters nowadays gets bored easily that it's no wonder they turn to drugs and chasing women in their fast cars.

Schools and other organizations, from what I heard, has already started with Bboy competitions which is a very good sign for this genre.

Oh by the way, good job to all Filipino badminton players =) Can't say anything about the event as I was only there for 15 minutes.

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