The Case of Ghoy

9:36 PM

I first met Ghoy (a nickname her friends call her) when she was referred her to me for a job in my old company by a family friend. Unfortunately she didn't get the post but we have been connected since then.

We would meet every now and then as family friends took her in while she's sorting out her case at the Shoon.

Ghoy, like any other educated Filipinas, went to Kuwait and didn't practice their education due to unforseen circumstances. Instead, Ghoy worked as a cashier slash waitress for a catering company.

The problem started more than a year ago when Ghoy and her Manager got into an argument. She knowing her rights and he asserting his position escalated the argument into physical fight. The manager shoved Ghoy to the wall that resulted to a huge bump on her head and bruises. Ghoy got pissed and she shoved back but that did not even made him move a bit. Due to that incident - this is where the story gets fuzzy with me and to cut the story short - she didn't report to work and started looking for other jobs.

When my mother first heard of Ghoy's predicament she advised them to go to the hospital and then to the police but as the typical mentality here - the police can do shit and hospitals are expensive.

Ghoy went to the Shoon to get help in getting her passport and to release her so she could find work some place else. A year passed before even the ministry managed to convince the company to give her passport back.

Before buying her ticket she was assured and they even re-checked that her records are clean to avoid future problems.

In Kuwait, that is too much to ask. The employer knowing her flight schedule had her name blocked in the immigration on the day of her departure. After checking in at the airlines, she was stopped at the passport control and was taken into custody. From the airport jail she was transferred 3 times like a common criminal into different dingy jails.

That was last week. At the time of this writing, friends are still bewildered but are in action in helping her. From sending foods because jail food is only Kubos to be dipped on a red sauce to owing money for attorney fees. The jail cells are small so small but they put 15 people, it has no AC and most of all no lights.

Ghoy is still in jail and is waiting for decision from the court. Hopefully today they will get it all settled with the company ordered to pay 1 month of her salary, a ticket back to the Philippines and her records wiped clean.

We are all praying for Ghoy. She does not deserved to be jailed. Nobody does in her situation.

Please pray for Ghoy's safe return home.

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