8:19 PM

Heya Pipz,

It's been awhile. Am still here though, stuck in the grub. Can't complain. Can't complain. Oh but wait! This is my blog so therefore I sooo can.

Nice, upbeat, sunshiny, rainbow filled stories will have to come later.

Because I seriously have a shitty day.

First, I was denied a US visa. BUT I was not even bummed about that. I don't have plans to go to the US of A. I just applied for the heck of it as my mom was applying for her 10 years too. I'm bummed about my 40 KD visa application fee. Eeeeeekk. Apparently, I don't have enough strong ties here in Kuwait. Ok, 5 years of working here, the old people, 2 siblings, half a dozen cousins with equally half a dozen aunts and uncles, a very good job and an equally very good sideline - they all didn't cut it.

Second, UAE Embassy here in Kuwait does not issue TOURIST visa for common expat residents here. When I came in, there's only 2 people in the whole Embassy. The guard and one arab person who can't speak english and without even looking at my papers said - "only doctors and managers here, go to emirates airlines". At least that's what I think he said coz I only got phrases but I got enough to get the jist.

So I went to work at noon time and was bombared with a whole lot of urgent requests as of course we're having a long weekend starting tomorrow.

*Mom said maybe the embassy guy woke up in the wrong side of the bed as he denied people before me. I was seriously praying not to be called in his window. Seriously. The Secret are you still there for me?

*I'll have to pay the travel agency again in Dubai to get me the UAE visa through EDNRD. More of this later.

*I will have to bring home work. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

/end of rant.

Have a great long weekend Kuwait!

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