Zero Fare On Jazeera!

2:35 PM

It's not really literally FREE as they advertised as upon booking I found that I have to pay for the following:

  • Tax and Fuel Charges - of course!
  • Baggage and Rebooking - the Light fare promo does not allow check in baggage and rebooking so if you want both you have to upgrade to Easy fare which is additional 19 KWD.
  • Check in Baggage - if you opt out on the upgrade you have the choice to pay 3 KWD online for check in baggage inbound and outbound.
  • Sits - nothing really is free as we have to pay 1 KWD for your seat.
  • Travel Insurance - it's your choice and it's for 10 KWD.
  • Credit Card - they charge 6 KWD if you use credit card to book.
A total of more or less 33 KWD per person round trip. It's still a good deal compared to other airlines so we grabbed it and next weekend we'll be in Dubai doing what we do best, shopping! LOL.

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