More Visuals - Jeep Sa Kuwait

12:43 AM

As one of the commenter's pointed out, the blog entry regarding the Philippine Independence day needed more visuals.

So here it is.
The famous Jeepney by Qatar Airways.

Eversince I saw this parked in Kuwait City, I've always wanted to have a photo ops with it. LOL! So when I saw it parked in Mansouriya where the celebration is being held, I grabbed the chance.

For those of you who doesn't know what a jeepney is, it's my country's number one mode of transportation.
The jeepney was first manufactured due to Filipinos innate ingenuity. They built this from old war trucks and used it for business eversince. At least that's the condensed history of it.

Everyone in the country must've taken the jeepney at least once in their lives. It has become the ultimate icon of the Philippines aside from the Eagle and OFW's.


Seriously though, I have no photos of Estrada and his entourage for 2 simple reasons: I was busy helping out in our little business that day and most importantly, I was not interested with the Estrada's tirade on how the rich people oppressed everyone else as we all know that he's not any better with those oppressors that he was talking about. The only difference is, he was stupid enough to get caught. So there you go. My 2 cents on Estrada.

Enjoy the Jeepney photo =)

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