Meeting The Great Macoy

7:30 PM

There are only 2 national hero in my must see list. Jose Rizal (Philippines ultimate national hero) and Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines ultimate dictator). I've not seen Jose Rizal but I've been to his house in Calamba Laguna before it was painted green by the NHS and that was enough for me so I scratched him in my list. Ferdinand Marcos was next and it was a lucky break that in this vacation, we will pass by him.

My mother and I are huge fans of Ferdinand Marcos. A fan in terms of comparing him to the Presidents that came after his regime.

In this blog though, I'll be sharing on how I got to see him face to face and not talk about his political history.
From Vigan City, we trekked another 3 or more hours (I lost count drifting in and out of sleep), we reached Marcos' hometown, Batac.

The whole place was closed when we arrived as it was still noon time. So while waiting for the Mausoleum to open, my friends and I explored the vicinity especially the Marcos's small public museum.

This portrait of him greatly answers why Imelda, the great shoe lady, swoons for him.
I remembered reading the bibliography of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos one summer vacation when I was still in grade 3 in my great Aunt's farm.

That book immersed me to their real and reel life and whatever he may be as a President, I know for sure that he was a genius.
Isn't that sweet? If only he did it in a more diplomatic way.

One of the houses in the compound.
Photos depicting his life greeted us by the main entrance. I love old houses like these! There are like 3 of these surrounding the compound but this is the only one that's opened and was made like a small museum.

Greenery aplenty.
The place obviously is in dire need of a good cleaning and renovation. It looks like the whole thing is about to crumble around us but it also gives a feeling of low key authenticity.

In the wall of this house, there was a mural of the Marcos Family tree. We tried finding our own descendants to no avail =)
When the guard finally opened the Mausoleum, it was EERIE! I swear. It felt like you entered another dimension as the place smelt sweet and musky, the lights were dimmed, the whole place was huge and decorated with what I can only guess as antique armours, swords and all kinds of war materials, the blast of cold air completed the atmosphere.

There he was, lying peacefully in his glass topped coffin. Photo taking was not allowed and me describing what I saw is not enough. For one, most of my companions thought the cadaver wasn't really him but a wax. As the hair was combed and in perfect condition, the wrinkles on his face, the greyish yellowish tinge, it was all surreal to be actually looking at a perfect preserved body after being dead for more or less 20 years.

Standing there and gawking at him in silence and awe, I kept wishing that my mom was with me as she surely would've love the experience.

After the whole Marcos experience, we proceded on buying Ilocano sweet delicacies which I forgot to take photos of and then we're off to Pagudpod!

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