I'll Add 2 More Fils on Estrada

5:09 AM

Okay. Since I worked myself out over this and remembered my brother did took a couple of snapshots, I just have to let it all out so we could all move on.

I'm disgusted how Estrada and his entourage used the Independence Day celebration to promote himself for the up and coming 2010 Presidential election in the Philippines.

I hope and fervently pray that the Filipino people won't be that gullible and stupid to let him run much more win. There should be a world wide law preventing people from entertainment media (showbiz) to run for public positions.

He went around here in Kuwait declaring empathy and sympathy to the plight of OFW's and while that is all well and good, he should not be allowed to declare statements such as "not sending anymore Filipina's in Kuwait" as it would be detrimental to Kuwait OFW at large. We have a precious balance here people and everyone is surviving the one day at a time and the best way we know how.

When he arrived at Mansouriya - I was there standing by the side line, when they introduced him - I was there rolling my eyes, when he started speaking - I was there aghast with disbelief on what I'm hearing and on how this person was allowed to run a country.

I was even more aghast when all the events of the day was shift and moved around to accomodate him and his mumbled speech. No offense to the organizers but that has got to be the most chaotic Independence day celebration ever held here in Kuwait.

Unlike the past years, I did not feel the community that should've been promoted on that day.

We thank him though for buying those plane tickets home for the OFW's who badly needed it.

Un lang po.

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