Wanted FILIPINO RN's, Caregivers and Nursing Aides

9:16 PM

If you are interested in working abroad, specifically here in Kuwait, then you just might want to email me your CV's @ incessantmacksnag@gmail.com.

The recruiters will be in Manila next week for interview and they are hoping to place a good number of you in hospitals - private or otherwise here in Kuwait.

If your CV together with your qualifications survive the filter process, the recruiters themselves will call you.

***Please note that this is only a public service in my part because even though I am affiliated in some way, I am not officially part of this budding company.
I am not part of the hiring team so please don't ask me for wasta nor ask me about the price range as I do not know.

Obviously, I am out of the country and at the moment there is no office although one of the main reason that my mother and our business partner is going there next week is to look for one.

This recruitment business is only a part of the whole training and
recruitment agency we have in mind. I am not part of the deciding body regarding the recruitment as I am only helping out my mother by putting the word out and forwarding the submitted CV's.

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