Shopping Na Kabayan!

11:13 PM

It's been awhile since we shopped all things Filipino so over this weekend while craving for real mango and dried fish, sisteret and I went here.

It gets to me how they can't spell FILIPINO right. I have yet to see a correct spelling around here in Kuwait.

That store is located in Fahaheel that's near Mario's Restaurant for you Pinoys out there.

It's the place to get a dose of being Pinoy with Bagoong (shrimp paste?), dried fish, real mango none of that mango we get at Sultan, star margarine, Chippy, Cheese Rings, Longganisa, Alugbati (malabar spinach to you), Maggi Calamansi Savor, Silver Swan soy sauce and of course

YES! Magazine to satisfy my local showbiz appetite. The price of that magazine is ridiculous, twice as the original retail price but Francis M is featured so I got to have it.

While there, why not get a bottle of Bench Baby Cologne for old times sake.
P.S.: Why is it that all Filipino stores that I have been in here in Kuwait is owned by Indians? Thai stores in Kuwait City is owned by an authentic Thailander so what gives with us Pinoy?

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