The Reason Why I Don't Drive

11:16 PM


Yesterday, after getting off early from work at about 3 p.m., this suddenly descended on us.
Strong winds and dust.

Loads of dust. I checked the weater report couple of days ago because we were planning to have the Big Guy's birthday party on the beach and it said CLOUDY not DUSTY!
Question, why does everyone gets extra crazy and stupid on the road during sand storms and rain? I say extra because well, we all know that Kuwait got the stupidest and craziest drivers in the whole world.
This is on 7th ring road and we can barely see the cars in front of us. This shoot is taken on zoom.
It was so bad, the old person asked me to call his other old person half and ask if it's as bad wherever she is.
She said no

and we wondered until we saw thisThe strong wind and dust is still on the way.
Almost looks like it's chasing us on 120 KPH.
This shot is taken couple of minutes later and it's still behind us.
Front of the car shot.
See how clear it is compared to what's behind us?
It was this clear in front of us until we got home but the dust is really fast approaching.
We took the birthday party indoors and had loads of fun.

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