Rainbow Blackberry

7:59 PM

I saw these gorgeous little things in one of the blogs which according to them is now available in Kuwait for 250 KWD.
A girl can dream right?! Laetots wadja think?!

Now !! In kuwait blackberry javelin 8900 colored, it is available only in Rainbowberry.

You can get it now, just call or sms us at this number 99520544 .

If you want to ask questions do not hesitate to contact us .

I've been wanting a Blackberry since, well, since I gave up my old unit to sisterblister.

Carrefours' offer of 130 KWD per unit has long been sold out, Al Ghanim's price is way too high and I don't have the faintest idea how to get to Electrozan despite their e-brochure.

Where is that fairy godmother of mine when I need her the most?! Pfffft.

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