Pretty and Pink!

12:20 AM

Thanks to my sponsors I got these pretty and very very pink stuff which I love love love!
The MSI 8 inches notebook was already here when I came back from the Philippines so all I have to do is own it. By owning it I meant - using it so much that my mom won't have the chance to use it eventhough it's hers.

I found the perfect match for my newly acquired notebook in the most unlikely place, ACE Hardware store in Shuwaikh.
The whole thing came in set. Pink rubber keyboard, pink mouse, pink webcam and
pink USB ports! For only 2 KWD/ set.
When all that was not enough, over this weekend I got myself this
250 gig Seagate HDD in pink!
I got it for literally free too. When I got the HP laptop, I of course spinned and won 24 KWD courtesy of Al Ghanim. And because I can't decide on which home appliance to get (for my future abode of course) I got the only thing I've been wanting since, well, I saw it that day.

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