Panadol Super Extra I Need!

1:05 PM

I'm no stranger to muscle pains as I have been a Crowne Plaza gym dropout amoungs other gyms the old people enrollmed me into. Weight battles has been constant that there were periods I totally lost such as now.

I blame it on stress, Filipino affnity to rice, that 6 months vacation to the Philippines and of course how the present work place feeds people as a form of employee recreation.

This is Sunday's serving

Butter Cake

Burger King's Chicken Fillet plus Fries and Soda

Patchi assorted chocolates


Mr. Baker's little cakes

and so on and so forth.
I know I can always beg off but in this country where their culture is to stuff you with sweets and would not take no for an answer, what else can one do?
Anyway, for the first time since I came back from the Philippines, the old people and my brother Mico dragged me up to the gym to do a 60 minute work out yesterday and boy I can feel my muscles screaming today.
So yes, I need super extra Panadol now!

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