Kasagingan in Metro Davao

6:43 PM

Quiet days like now makes me crave for comfort food from home.

During my long vacation in the Philippines where I stayed mostly in Davao City, I discover a new hang out for yuppies near Ateneo De Davao, a stones throw away from our apartment.

Kasaginan, in english errrrrrr Banana place.

All through high school in General Santos City, my gal pals would go to the plaza and sit on wooden benches where we devour 2 PHP banana q's/ stick.

That rustic tradition has now evolved into this.

The long lines and waiting under the heat of the sun is gone and replaced with airconditioned, cafe like environment where WIFI is aplenty much to the joy of the laptop hugging students.Instead of soda in plastic star and clear cellophane, hot drinks are served in a mug and cold ones are in stylish containers. Waters are served bottled.

The best touch I like most in Kasaginan is how they made their bananas! LOL

With crepes, choclate dips, etc in different variations. I salivate just looking at these photos.

I had to coerce my brothers to buy me some before they go home from school everyday. They would complain as the prices aren't exactly student allowance friendly but oh boy aren't they worth it.


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