Goodness, Goodies. Yey!

12:59 AM

My mom and my brother just arrived from the Philippines and as our culture I got loads of pasalubongs!

Smart Plug N Talk

Filipinos abroad now have access to an Internet phone that allows them to call any Philippine landline or mobile number for as low as P6.50 per minute!

All they have to do is Plug ‘N Talk with the latest innovation from leading wireless services provider Smart Communications Inc. (SMART)!

SMART’s Plug ‘N Talk is the first USB communication device in the Philippines that allows those outside the country to call and text from an internet-connected PC to any Philippine mobile and landline number using their SMART SIM at close to Philippine local rates!

The Plug ‘N Talk kit is available for only P1,800, which includes the Plug N’ Talk device, an earpiece and a FREE Smart Pinoy SIM.

Goldilucks Polvoron

Similar to English Shortbread; a mixture of toasted flour, milk, butter, and sugar cooked and then molded. Available in the plain and flavored variety (ube, with peanut, pinipig).

1 bag Polvoron Special
1 bag Polvoron Pinipig
1 bag Assorted Polvoron

OFW Globe Sim Card

GLOBE has launched its new OFW Family Pack, a two-SIM bundle that gives special features and discounts for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their loved ones in the country.

The new OFW Family Pack makes communication easier between millions of OFWs worldwide and their families back home. The pack consists of two SIMs, one roaming SIM for the OFW and the other SIM for the family for P120.

Families can send text messages to their loved ones abroad for only P1 per text, call at P7.50 per minute.

The OFW SIM has a special roaming privilege that allows zero daily maintaining balance while roaming and is also delivered free to Filipinos working abroad.

Aside from the two SIMs, the OFW Family Pack also comes with roaming guide, an international services pamphlet and an Ayala One Card coupon for redeeming the Ayala One Card in all Bank of Philippine Islands branches nationwide.

Britney Spears Circus

Because it's ridiculous to buy 5 KWD worth of her CD when I can have it for half the price from Pinas.

Tailored Office Suit - from our very own atelier. Yes we have our own shop now based in the Philippines but we are trying to get the finished products here in Kuwait and open up another shop here. SOON! The Secret hello again!

Stewie Pajamas

From my sweet brother. Actually, he didn't give it, I just grabbed it from his room until he said yes. Ha!

Too much goodies. Yey!

The best pasalubong for all though is my mother and brother arriving here in Kuwait safely.

Thank you The Secret!

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