Emotionally Compromised

4:37 PM

I blog about mundane and asinine stuff most of the time because this web space of mine has been compromised.

Writing has been the most helpful (not to mention cheap) remedy to a 25 year old office drone with no social life to speak of here in Kuwait.

Some people doesn't get the need to blog and post stuff for the whole world to see.

Bloggers do it for different reasons. I do it primarily because I want to show the whole world that Kuwait doesn’t really suck despite the popular belief. Yes I know I’m being naïve, sue me for wanting to be positive despite everything.

Secondarily, to feed my inner raconteur of just about everything.

That is probably why, when I learned about my new readers (waves to the whole clan) I subconsciously filter my entries. Doubtless because I know that whatever is in here will be bludgeoned back to me. I am ok with the fact that they read the entries, I just don't want to talk about it in real life. This is the place where my freedom of expression is practiced without seeming spiteful. Basically, I just want to blog in peace.

I voluntarily gave out this address to 2 people which I seriously doubt still remembers the URL (if you do and we are in good terms and even when we're not – show me some love!)

Pardon the rant, a gal can only take so much drama in one night that has totally nothing to do with my entry above.

P.S.: The Star Trek movie is awesome and is best seen with family and friends in VIP cinema.

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