Biyaheng Norte - Road trip to Vigan!

5:52 PM

Vigan City boasts of amazing Spanish structure of old houses.

Seing the city for the first time, one can imagine those Spaniards and Filipinos in their Maria Clara and Barong Tagalog during walking on those cobbled path ways and living in those houses.

The houses are so beautiful although some are run down, most were preserved to their initial glory.
The Vigan Plaza Hotel is the best preserved example of their architectural style. Just by looking at it, I'd swear it will transport you into the past.

The cobbled streets are laden with stores selling antiques and what nots.
Catholics will have a splendid time buying hand carved saints and other effigies.

I swear I did not made him stand there. LOL
Book lovers like me, will have a wonderful time with these old and quaint books for sale.
I was amused to see a lot of Korean tourists on the streets, riding the Kalesa to tour them around the city.

I love this Kalesa wheels inspired wooden gate!

We toured the famous landmarks in Vigan along Crisologo Street for under 2 hours only. That did not include shopping for "pasalubongs" and their delicacies such as the "empanada's" and "tubong".

Next stop, face to face with Ferdinand Marcos!

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