Biyaheng Norte - Road Trip to Baluarte, Vigan

4:55 PM

After endless "we're only 10 minutes away from Vigan" answer from our designated driver, we finally arrived in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Vigan is famous for its Spanish colonial sites. Where one can see precious remnants of old Spanish architectures throughout the center of the city. It was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage, that's why we were amused but not shocked by the influx of Korean tourists. LOL.

Our first authentic local Vigan experience is waiting for their equally famous ethnic food - "Papaitan".

After the burping, our good friend Belle - turned benefactor turned local guide, told us that our first stop won't be the colonies of humans but of the animals in their own Baluarte.

Baluarte is a Spanish term loosely translated as bastion. Chavit Singson (famous for the Erap plunder case) made that word synonymous to a zoo.

Baluarte Zoo is one of a kind in the whole country as it is not only a zoo but a wildlife sanctuary with modern facilites that allows human and animal interactions.

The Siberian Bengal Tigers will greet you from the entrance.
Except for these two, most of them are free to roam in their designated areas.
They are beautiful and fierce beings but no matter how amazing they are I would not dare go near them. Thank you very much.

Next are the birds. The Philippines is very reach with aviafauna (yes I googled!) and I reached into that conclusion when most of the resorts that I visited boasts of Avian Zoo.

Although the birds above are enchanting, what I found most curious and put a smile into my face are them
don't they just make you go aawwwww? Beware though, cute as they may seem, they will chase and peck the heck out of you if you bother them. LOL!

Below are some of the animals I'm not fond of.
I kept a good distance away from the interaction show especially when they want us to hold thisalthough I wouldn't mind petting him.Baluarte Zoo have a gorgeous butterfly garden which I so love and had fun chasing and taking photos of those gorgeous things.
The Butterfly Garden.
A zoo won't be complete without a dinosaur and Baluarte have that too.
Baluarte offers a lot more than what I featured here. I was ill equipped with my Sony Ericsson phone cam and too pre occupied wishing that I could ride in thisthat blog worthy photos was not exaclty in my mind that day.

Other animals that freely roam the place.
Deers aplenty.
I don't know what breed but it's a brother of this one below.
They also have ostriches and camels (not in photo).
We left Baluarte with that childish euphoria of contentment and tourist shirts from the flea market just outside the zoo

Next stop, the Spanish Colony of Vigan!

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