Biyaheng Norte - Road Trip From Davao To Manila To Vigan

4:14 PM

I love traveling, especially if shared with friends.

On my last Philippine vacation, friends from Manila planned an escape for all of us up to the northern point of the country.

Itinerary was a 12 hour road trip from the Metro to Vigan, Ilocos Norte and another 6 hour ride to the calming blue waters of Pagudpod.

This is the only trip that I was not involved in the planning and all I have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Which I did, immensely.

First leg of the journey is me braving out Cebu Pacific flight from Davao City to Manila. I'm sorry but I don't like caging metal taking me up to 25 thousand feet but since Cebu Pacific Airlines is like Al Jazeera Airlines with their crazy ticket sales, I just grit my teeth and pray like crazy.

We landed in the spanking new NAIA 3 airport. Compared to the Centennial Airport where Philippine Airlines land, this one looked like a ghost town. The grey walls and slanted structure are not helping with the disquiet that surrounds it.
NAIA 3 is a nice change to the chaos and old grime of NAIA 1

Since I arrived at almost midnight, we had to wait until 10 P.M the next night to start our road trip to avoid traffic in North Luzon Expressway (NCLEX) which by the way is very sleek compared to the never ending road works in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

Unfortunately, I can't take a good photo from our jam packed van as the darkness was very stark and the laughter inside was very shrill that I even developed an ear ache after 20 minutes of the ride. LOL. That's how fun it was.

45 minutes on the road later, our car broke down along Mexico, Pampanga highway. Haha! A car full of women and no mechanical skills whatsoever, we had to wait for the highway patrol to save us.
The highway patrol saving our asses from our helplessness when it comes to car problem.

After thanking the esteemed patrolers and a quick loo break behind the bushes, we were off on our way to Vigan.

The night trip was filled with laughters, singing, gossip, games, horror stories and of course pit stop from literally almost all gasoline stations buying and eating everything that we could get our hands on.

Next stop, Baluarte!

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