White Picket Fences - Illegal In Kuwait

12:27 AM

Seriously. It is.

Couple of weeks ago, I got a call complete with trembling voice from our maid. She said that there are 2 big police cars with people in dishdasha outside our house and they have road workers with them. Without so much of a knock on our door, the dishdasha clad men told the road workers to knock down our beautiful white picket fence.

They tore down that one protection for our dogs and our little baby from running all the way out the road.

I was told by my officemate and a taxi driver that their neighbours fences were knocked down too.

From what we heard, it was announced that fences are illegal in Kuwait.

Seriously. WHY?
What can a fence do to this country except protect their children and their house from outsiders?

Would they rather have their children ran over by cars, dogs lost, house robbery than have a little protection called a fence?

I understood that the 2 meters space from the road is still government property but our fence was inside our garden. It's actually inside private property and if this happens in another country (which I'm pretty sure doesn't) what they did is illegal and we could sue the heck out of them.

Unfortunately, this is one of the negative side of living here.

Now our dogs are confined in the house and our baby in his crib because they cannot play and enjoy the garden anymore. We cannot eat out under the stars smelling the flowers because well one cannot really eat while cars and pedestrians pass by.

Oh well.

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