Talk About Being Impulsive

4:30 PM

I booked a flight to Dubai for the Eid! Yes I know it's still 5 months away but I wanted to take advantage of Jazeera Airways summer promo.
The whole thing costs me 24 KD round trip as it's only 9 KD per trip + 2 KD Credit Charge + 4 KD AIG insurance.

It's a good deal considering the marked up prices afterwards. Offer ends on April 4.

I've always wanted to go to Dubai during Eid and spend it with friends but one thing or another always comes up whenever it's time to book for it.

Now, how do I apply for a vacation when I'm still on probation? Hhhhmmm. Ha! Just kidding, I won't apply until August that way I would've accrued the number days for paid leave and there'll be no problem.


P.S: I have to think about going to other places than Dubai, Thailand, Philippines. It's getting kind of boring. HHhhhmmmm. Sending good vibes to The Secret!

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