Rain and Flowers in Kuwait

1:26 AM

I love love love the weather this week and I hope it stays this way whole year around! Oh, except that may take the whole country under water considering their drainage system.

There are even photos and videos of hail which looked like it snowed in Kuwait I was totally oblivious to that one as I was in the office when it happened.

Yesterday though was a different story. I totally immersed on this beautiful weather while on the way to the Avenues.

I love rain!

Puddles and muds and whimsical dew drops. Sigh.

What I love aside from rain is my mom's flowers in her garden. Mama have a talent when it comes to plants as time and time again she creates this beautiful oasis for all of us.

So today, after the rain, I took these shots for her.

Ever since we were kids our number one chore is to water the plants and that's one thing we don't grumble about.

More of Mudra's flowers here.

She even planted tomatoes!
Love it!

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