Missing High School and All That Jazz

1:37 AM

Everyone misses their high school days right? Right. For all the years I've been posting bulletins in Friendster and now in Facebook, I noticed one thing; a nostalgia for the bygone days.

I'm not any different as I really did have a wonderful time in high school. Being in an exclusive for girls school presented a whole new level of adventure. One we gladly treaded on.

This melancholia for high school life did not come all of a sudden. For weeks now I have been missing the life outside of work and family. I am in my early twenties after all.

Then yesterday, in one of the Facebook quizzes, everyone commented that they also missed the chocolate, Violet Crumble.

What's the one underlying factor? Well, we all love eating it during high school.

I remember my first taste of Violet Crumble, one of my classmate stole it from our canteen. I'm not proud but back then it was fun plus chocolate was really expensive for our high school allowance.

And then today we went in Al Manshar and saw this
I remember when KCC Mall in General Santos City opened and hanging out there became all the rage. We spend after school hours and even the weekends ( we told our parents that we're doing projects or group practice ) in KCC's it place, the World of Fun.
Even now, I did not took a penchant in playing in the arcade or dancing my heart out in DDR but I hanged out there and had a blast nevertheless.

I miss GenSan, I miss the life that was and I'm missing my friends a lot.

Days before my 25th, I'm already feeling really ancient.

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