Merry Go Round

1:02 AM

We have to admit it, Kuwait can be a tad boring on weekends. Aside from a occasional house parties on weekends, mall sales, eating out, laying out for some sun tan once the summer comes in beaches, there literally nothing else to do.

Not that I'm complaining. Much.

So for the past couple of weeks, instead of being a couch potato watching reruns on Showtime (which I actually covet doing during work days), we haul our asses up and out to accompany the little guy for some fun.

His favorite hang out place is in Al Manshar riding his kick ass red engine

They have a huge play house in that place. Fit even for the big boys.
Baroue, in the Avenues, also boasts of state of the art play house and arcade for kids.
There's the train that goes round and round and round

And of course the classic, Merry Go Round.

It's every little kids haven but a hole burner in every parents pockets too. For games and rides that ranges from 250 to 500 fils (approx 40 to 80 PHP) it's pretty darn expensive. Although I have to be cliche and say that there's no price for a child's smile/ laughter/ happiness.

As for me, well I ate the darn candies he won plus that candy stall that literally got every imaginable sweets doesn't help either.

So much for lifestyle change.

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