Gelaskins in Kuwait?

4:02 AM

Eversince I scratch my very first laptop, I've been drooling on Gelaskins protective skins for laptop's, Iphones etc. I read all about it from Chuvaness blog and I haven't stopped wanting them since.

Aren't they cute? *sending good vibes to the world for the up and coming birthday - me wants this world!*

I even tried ordering from Sultan's ask and they ship center but the shipping charge was just, if I remember correctly, more than the orginal price of the product. Too much.

It seems that the world felt the good vibes and sent the answer through facebook! You know those ads on the right side of your screen? Well I just saw this one .

Dear Customer ,
This is our “soft opening” for the website
where you can see our upcoming products and can order our special KOUT design
for 13” laptops and other international skins, and hopefully you will join us in
the official opening by the end of April.
Thank you for your support,
Alothman & Fahad alEbrahim
I browsed through their site and I saw some of the exact same designs from Gelaskins. For 10 KD a piece plus 1.5 KD charge, if delivered by ARAMEX, I might just get myself a birthday gift.

That is of course, if I can get that laptop I so covet in Al Ghanim.

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