Family Guy In The House!

3:34 AM

We were browsing at Virgin Store's boutique section when I saw theseAdorable!

It's Stewie!!! The youngest child on Family Guy cartoon series. That show is not your run on the mill cartoons because... well.. because you wouldn't want your children to watch it. Heck, you won't even want your Grandmother to watch it as they will certainly get offended.

I discovered Family Guy when I was holed up in our apartment in Davao. I can only do so much malling, eating out and going to the beach before my wallet gives up thus staying in and watching tv. I can't stand Wowowee so I went through my brother's dvd's and found Family Guy season 1.

The rest, as they say, is history. From 20 something episodes of season one up to season 7, my brothers and I bonded through this tv series.

By the way, Davao has the best pirated dvd's unlike here in Kuwait where they try to sell you 6 dvds for 1 KD just for one season. In Davao they have the whole 22 episodes or so of 1 season in just 1 dvd and all for 500 fils. Great deal right?
When I got back here in Kuwait I thought it would be awhile before I get to watch the show again but boy was I wrong. Showtime is showing it like 5 times a week! I schedule it for recording and watch it whenever I get the chance.

Anyway, back to the shirt, it's too expensive for 9 KD. I looked it up and found that it only costs 7 $ online. It's too pretty to pass on though but I just can't! Maybe i'll get that keychain that's only 3 KD when I get back there.

Amft. Corporate America.

I love their theme song!

It seems today that all you see
Is violence in movies and sex on TV
But where are those good old-fashioned values
On which we use to rely?

Lucky there's a Family Guy
Lucky there's a man who, positively can do
All the things that make us laugh and cry
He's our Family Guy!

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