Dreaming Awake

8:56 PM

Or literally translated - nananaginip ng gising - in tagalog.

One of the major reason why Filipino's spend most of their life working abroad is to build their dream home. It's up there with feeding the family and sending kids to school.

A personalized OFW Hierarchy of needs if you must.

Which I am really determine to achieve this year. As a motivation, I will make it my one year birthday gift for myself. I'm not married and I certainly don't have kids but I do have siblings and a mother who occasionally dips into my pocket as I do into theirs thus my financial status borders into can afford but not really.

What was my first step into this dream of a gift?

  • I looked at houses, condos, lots etc from Luzon to Mindanao until my eyes blurred and I gotten good in computing different payment schemes.
  • I paid the standard 13 KD for 24 months - well almost - of my Pag-Ibig Overseas Program (POP). I realize that there are other payment schemes such as in house financing and bank financing but I opted for POP as it is the most flexible and well practical seeing that I'll be paying this on my own for years to come.
  • I hunted and shopped for household items. It's never too early to stock up on little bits and pieces for my dream house.
This is where the dreaming awake comes in.

I am so obssessed in finding the perfect decor for my dream house. Being a girl, I considered a pink ceiling, a minimalist look of white and red and of course elegance and homey must mesh.
I love Ikea catalogs as it gives me ideas of affordable yet fashionable designs.
With my budget, I'm looking at 120 SQM to 240 SQM houses because I want to have a small patio for bbq and even gardening if I can convince mama to do the landscaping.
The dream, red and white bedroom.
The minimalist look that I so love. Photos are from Apartmenttherapy.Com
  • I realize that I cannot afford to buy everything at one go so what I'm doing is I make a must have list and gradually buy and stock it for shipment to my soon to be house.
  • Buying a house is a big step even for those with partners and I realize that. The Secret will help me get through with this and an occasional dip into the old people and my siblings pocket will too. Haha! The Secret says that your thoughts are the magnet for the events in your life, so everyday I send these good vibes to the world.
  • Paying my POP and buying stuff doesn't cut half of the actual house buying . I have to save up for the down payment too. For the coming months I am allotting a portion of my salary just for this.
  • I never realize how important real estate agents are up until now. One must be very careful in dealing with them though as it being their business, they will push for the high priced ones. High price means bigger commission for them.
Not even 25 and I'm already nesting. Some of my peers would deem me bored crazy but I don't. I like having a steady ground and having a place to go home to where I can occasionally shut the world out and curl in my french windows to read a good book.

The Secret, will power to save and alertness at work will give me all these and more.

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