Boring Is The Word.

11:25 PM

Admittedly, I am. I have been and I'm proud to say that I will always be a boring person for my sister and sometimes even for my standard 24 year old self.

I could count the people I will call in an instant if I have news and those are all family. Friends are all from childhood who are all scattered around the world.

Considering that I'm in Kuwait, not having a night life can be excuse and a routine of work-home-online-work-malls-tv series-eat out is actually a lifestyle of majority of OFW's here in Kuwait.

I'll be turning a year old in a weeks time and I swear to high heavens that before I turn 30 I shall try to be a silly person. Sillier than I ever was than I ever will be.

I will have plenty of room for silliness.

Here are my silly list and most of this will include my sister and soon to arrive brother. Even the old people can come too!

  • Bowling - It can get any sillier than pirouetting on a lane trying to get that first strike right? Right.

  • Take loads of 1 minute photos - In all my 20+ years I've only done this twice and I felt silly doing it. So yeah, more photos coming up!

  • Ride a roller coaster - NO! I want to loosen up, not die. Maybe I can watch them take the ride.

Ok. I can't think of anything silly that I can do here in Kuwait without bordering to crazy and dangerous. Pfft. Only 3 silly things. Boring.

Below are not my not so silly things but will really take a lot of pep talk and couch shoving.

  • Yoga - It's not silly but I love yoga and it makes me happy and somehow accomplished like i'm doing something to better myself. Might do it with sisteret.

  • Run - On the treadmill, boring yes, but still thinking of slimming down and a total life style change. Pfffft. Boring. Whatever, still have to do this.

  • NO RICE! - Instead of eating rice I'll replace it with lettuce and if i'm thinking of eating rice, I'll play in rice dot com and think about helping people.

  • Detoxify and prep up always - My lazy days overpower my well groomed days. Information overload.

  • Be Friendy - Nuf said.

Oh, before I say adieu, allow me to gloat about my latest purchase in Al Ghanim.

I got one for my mother too! Aren't I the best daughter in the world? Teeeeheeee.

Al Ghanim finally called and told me that my name finally got cleared with CI.Net. At long last! I went there like 4 times plus I had to have our company mandoub to check my name in CID ministry.

Why was I blocked at CI net? Well, after I asked them to give me the website and contact number of CI.Net, I figured out that my bank account played a big role in all this.

I was told that an account will freeze after 6 months being out of the country. Since I wasn't planning to use that same bank again for my new job I didn't bother to pick up that new card they've all been handing out and leave it at that. Apparently, not a good idea, so I had to get off work early to go to the city and sort it all out with the bank.

Couple of days later, I got the call.

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