120 KD For A Filipino Professional Nurse?

7:07 PM

You got to be kidding me.

My cousin left me an IM last night asking for my advice regarding a job offer here in Kuwait. She got an email from an Agency in Manila (I'm not naming) and offered her a nursing position in one of the hospitals here in Kuwait with the following package:

  • 120 KD salary - Approximately 19,000 pesos.
  • Free accomodation
  • Free transportation

That's it. Nothing about round trip ticket and get this; she has to pay for her medical, agency and other POEA fees.

Our company tea boy get paid more than that and more.

Com'on Kuwait, if you want grade A, qualified medical professional you gotta PAY UP!

I heard that doctors all over this country is going on strike because of low wages and I have a friend who's wife gave birth but had to endure 5 operations due to one botched job after another.

For a very rich country who can easily afford competent professionals, why do you keep hiring imbeciles? Seriously.

Filipino nurses are widely sought abroad for their professionalism, advance studies and practice in medicine. One's nationality does not really matter in saving lives, does it?.

As for my cousin, I told her not to bother replying to that cheap ass Agency.

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