Dry Humor

In Lieu Of Gifts, I Accept CASH!

6:14 AM
Al Manshar Kuwait

Missing High School and All That Jazz

1:37 AM
Al Kout Kuwait

Merry Go Round

1:02 AM
Cheap Ass

120 KD For A Filipino Professional Nurse?

7:07 PM

Life Style Change - For the Umptenth Time!

4:00 PM
Kuwait OFW

Dreaming Awake

8:56 PM

Boring Is The Word.

11:25 PM

Happy Easter Kuwait!

11:04 PM
Doggie Chronicles

White Picket Fences - Illegal In Kuwait

12:27 AM

Family Guy In The House!

3:34 AM
Kuwait Weather

Rain and Flowers in Kuwait

1:26 AM

Gelaskins in Kuwait?

4:02 AM
Kuwait OFW

Talk About Being Impulsive

4:30 PM
Forwarded Emails

Pay It Forward Today dot Org

12:31 AM
Kuwait Filipino Mafia

2008 Narrative - Getting Terminated, Visa Woes in Kuwait and the Kick Ass Jobs That Came With It

4:20 PM

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