Maraming Salamat Po!

7:39 PM

When the Pay It Forward GenSan 2008 feeding program was on the move last Christmas, I was in Manila waiting for my medical results.

I needed help.

Organizing a program, no matter how small, is no easy feat especially if crunched on resources.

Luckily, I am surrounded by these wonderful people who deserves a shout out in the blogosphere.

Front to Back: My Cousins and Brothers - Andy, Don, Pax, Mico, Atchu, Kathleen, Yan-Yan, Ram-Ram and Aiza.

Friends: Joy (in red), Leigh Ann Grandeza (in black),

Ira, Roxanne (of RD Corporation)
Tito Avel of Bariles Republic, Roxanne's brother, Lasib Family, Ma'am Vilchez, Ma'am Chua and Ma'am Mercado of Brokenshire College General Santos City, Chriz Quintana, the Old People and many many more.

Thank you guys for sharing your Christmas day with them.

Them being the people who spends not only Christmas but most of the year on the streets of General Santos City.

We may not be able to do life altering help to them but at least they know that they are not forgotten and never will be.

All day I get text reports from the facilitators which my heart swelled with pride. The best feedback I received though was by the end of the night when my brother texted me that they can't find anymore street children in GenSan that is why they went ahead and distributed the food to the adults too.

Does it mean that the number of street children in GenSan dwindled? I sure hope so.

Now, it's being suggested that for the year 2009, we will take the feeding program with the DSWD GenSan or other centers that houses these young people. It's a great idea but I still have to think real hard about it for the little fact that I know those who are being sheltered by DSWD or other housing shelters are in a much better living condition that those who are on the streets.
What do you think?

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