Emigrated Person In The House!

3:18 PM

Hey Kids,

I am back and is itching to blog all of my adventures and misadventures this past 6 months.

It took me 6 months and a whole lot of help from the Great Providers to get back on the work flow. Yep you read it right, I'm officially a working girl again. Yey!

Since I'm still on my 100 days probation I shall not be yakking about it for now.

I have, on the other hand, a funny story about my residency status (which I will dedicate a dozen posts on how I finally got one) according to Al Ghanim.

Like any other normal OFW here in Kuwait, we rely on Al Ghanim Easy Credit to furnish our apartments and in my case, the burning desire to get that pretty pearl white Wansa 32 inches flat screen HDMI plasma tv and a laptop with all those freebies.

I went there armed with my salary certificate and visa stamped on the passport, selected all my purchases (initial selection was the Toshiba Laptop that comes with free genuine MS Office 2007, Norton Antivirus, a printer; that pretty Wansa TV and Philips MP3 and Ipod player. A total of which will earn me 4 vouchers and 4 scratch card. Good deal right? Off I went to credit counter and was processed. I signed for a bunch of papers all in Arabic. I told the credit officer that it's scary to be signing for something that I don't understand he gave me a witty reply of - welcome to Kuwait!

Welcome to Kuwait indeed because when he checked my Civil Id status it says on his computer that I am a - "Emigrated Person". I asked the credit officer what the heck it's supposed to mean and he said - it means you're not here in Kuwait.

Uhm. Yeah?

I am sitting right across him and he got all my paper works but I still can't get all my goodies because I am after all an "emigrated person".


I'm told they'll be giving me a call later on this week for my status but I'm not holding my breath. I'm having second thoughts about getting those because now I am considering getting a house in GenSan and being stuck with a credit for a year doesn't bode well in my net worth. Ha!

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