Rancher Grill @ GenSan

9:36 AM

We were told that it's a sign of aging when presented with a choice between getting drunk or eating and we synonimously agreed on foooooooood.

I lived all my life in GenSan but i've never once tried Rancher Grill probably because back then I would've swam on a pool of beer anytime.

The rustic ambiance are perfect for a romantic date or a family Sunday dinner.

They baby back ribs are to die for but I recommend their seafood. The grilled Panga is simply fabulously scrumptious.
The place has an old west feeling with their cowboy motif.
We've also ordered this "forgot-the-name-of-that-meal-set-that-we ordered" but it includes, 4 cups of rice exluding the ones surrounded by viand, pork adobo, 4 roasted quail, guso (seaweeds?), baked tahong, boneless bangus, shrimps and salad. All for only PHP 700 good for 4 persons or if you're on a diet, then more.

Rancher Grill is along National Highway. The also have a branch in Davao, it is located on Tionko Ave. corner Arellano St., near the Bangko Sentral building. They’re open daily for lunch and dinner. Tel.: 225-1199, 226-8679

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