Paying It Forward - 2007

7:41 AM

I've battled with indecision about posting this for just about a year now.
Initially, I wanted it to be a personal endeavor and a tradition together
within our family.

Recession and being out of work for almost a year has changed all that
principle thus prompting me to share this year old post to you and eventually
asking you and the people of GenSan so that we'll be able to continue and the
kids won't have to endure an empty stomach on Christmas day.

Today, we paid it forward.

All the blessings and the not so good things that the Almighty God bestowed on our 2007 was not left unnoticed.

We are thankful of what we have and what we don't have.

We realized that we were one of the lucky ones and it is our hearts desire to help out those who didn't faired well with life.

Everyone goes home during Christmas day but what about those who doesn't have any home to go to?

Months before my Christmas Holiday,the kids and I planned and asked our family to donate a little something because we wanted to feed the street children of General Santos City.

I was so happy to see how eager my siblings as well as my cousins in this little project of ours.

We have accumulated enough food for approximately 100 packages. We've cooked spaghetti, pancit, fruit and macaroni salads and we also bought tetra pack juices and just for kicks we bought Goldilucks chocolate cakes.

After the mass and visiting our father's grave, we roamed around GenSan streets to look for street chidren. Boy weren't they hard to find.

They were at Santiago Blvd in front of Dunkin Donuts and it looks like they're residing at the old and abandoned Kanto Grill.

They were at Pioneer Avenue in front of Mercury Drug. They were at the now called "Tuna Park" wherein we saw a settlement of mixed B'laan's. Young and old alike asked for them but we have to insist about children's only since we only have 100 packages.

While handing out these packages, our eyes were moist with tears and all the time we were sending thank you prayers to God for our good fortune.

Their smile as they receive little of what we can give them is priceless!!!

Some even insisted on doing a small dance number and singing Christmas carols number for us as their way of thank yous.

From that night on, we decided that we're going to do this every year. This will be our tradition. Our way of giving back to everything we have received.

We consider it as a blessing to be able to share.


The Purpose of Christmas
Just one week before Christmas
Once prayers had been heard,
The people were scurrying
To get out God’s Word.
The hymns were being sung
To Holy God above,
In thanks for Him sending,
Jesus Christ and His love.

Christmas brings remembrance
Of family and friends,
And the importance of our sharing
A love without end.

Our blessings are too numerous,
Our hearts filled with joy,
Yet our eyes have often drifted Away from our Lord!
The Christmas season brings forth
The best in most souls,
To help those less fortunate And lighten their load.
Salvation was offered
For all to receive,
If only each person
Would listen, heed and believe.
So if you don’t know
Him Down deep in your heart,
Ask Him to save you now
You’ll be changed on the spot.
--Submitted by member, Cheryl White
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