Mixed Emotions.

11:35 PM

I will not be able to join the "Pay It Forward Gensan 2008" feeding program for the street children of General Santos City this year.

But it will go on as planned! O=)

A call from Kuwait changed all my Christmas plans. I was instructed to fly out to Metro Manila immediately as my Kuwait visa has finally arrived after 5 months of waiting. I needed to see my Agency who will instruct me to report to GAMCA (Gulf Accredited Medical Clinics Association) for my medical before I can finally fly out to Kuwait.

I was exhilarated for just about a second and then I remember my 2 brothers who's going to spend Christmas on their own as the whole family is now in Kuwait. I immediately went to their room where they asked me what's up and corny as it may sound, my tears rolled down to my cheeks. I'm a cry baby yes and more so when it comes to my family. It doesn't even matter if I get to see them every year and cry every time it's time for me to go.

I finally understood why my mother, during her vacation from Saudi Arabia, would call all 4 of us on her bed and then she would just quietly hug us tightly. In between sobs she would remind us to be good and study hard and to write to her everyday while she's away.

I didn't want to leave them all alone in GenSan for Christmas since my Grandmother was a Jehovas Witness and would frown upon anything "Christmasy" in our compound. For awhile we dreamt of a Christmas together here in Manila but soon put it off coz we realized it would be too expensive for the OldPeople.

We finally decided for me to fly out and for them to spend it with their friends.

Right now, I just finished my medical and boy do I have to post another blog for that. I'm not used to the hustle bustle of this Metro and I really miss the laid back life in Davao/ GenSan but one gotta do what one gotta do.

The "Pay It Forward Gensan 2008 " feeding program for the street children will go on as planned huge thanks to my brothers, cousins, friends and Proud Art entertainment. From Manila, I'm still organizing it through calls and texts and hopefully everything will go smoothly and the kids will have a fine Christmas dinner from all of us :)

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