It's Christmas!

12:54 AM

For the past 8 years since my father died on the eve of Christmas, I never looked forward and had as much fun in a Christmas as much as I did this year.

Despite the distance from GenSan where my brothers and the feeding program for the street children is and the distance from Kuwait where my mother and the whole family are, everything is alright with my world.

Of course we do celebrate Christmas in the past 8 years and there was this Christmas with the whole family back in 2006 but I never had until now a what I can only call - Traditional Christmas.

  • Traditional Christmas for me is scurrying about because your god childs (inaanak) are coming to kiss your hand and of course asks for their Christmas gifts.
  • Where children and adults alike are scrubbed clean, wearing their newest clothes and smelling so good.
  • It is when Christmas Tree is surrounded by gifts, to be opened on Christmas day. IT doesn't matter if it only contains a hundred peso worth of item. It's the thought that counts and ripping the wrappers.
  • Christmas is when the whole family cooks, cleans and prepares together for the much anticipated Noche Buena. Even if it is only spaghetti and buko salad, one will still feel so full.
  • Braving midnight mass despite the cold, the mad rush of commuters and drowsiness.
  • Christmas is jam packed malls and highways because of last minute shoppers.
  • It is sharing what little Noche Buena you have in tupperwares to your neighbours and friends.
  • Being invited to almost all your neighbours houses since the time you wake up for breakfast lunch or dinner.
  • Singing karaokes, seeing drunks swaying on the streets, blaring christmas songs and getting startled by fireworks thrown by naughty children.
  • Christmas carolers, mostly children with their self made musical instruments, going house to house and shouting "patawad" (we apologize) after the 16th group.

I've never observed all this Christmassy traditions for a long time until now, here in Manila, far away from my family and my comfort zone.

Metro Manila celebrates their Christmas the chaotic way and I say it in a very fond manner. The past 2 days I have been a silent obesrver and saw a lot of things I haven't seen in a long while. It made me feel melancholy for those childhood memories and it made me long for my family and it made me want a better Christmas for all of us for the coming years.

I am having a great Christmas with friends here in Manila.

My brothers are having a great time with the extended family in General Santos City.

The oldpeople, my sister, aunts and cousins are all I'm sure having a fab party in Kuwait.

Everything is alright.

Merry merry Christmas World =)

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