General Santos City Bombed on New Years Eve!!!!

12:34 AM


While I was chatting with my Uncle, who's currently in Kuwait celebrating the New Year with the whole family there....
TITO: unsa inyong handa makay
TITO: happy new year

MACKAY: hi tito. naa ko sa manila. wala koy handa. hehehe. diri lang ko internet cafe sa akong amiga.
MACKAY: tambay hantod mag new year
MACKAY: kamo unsa inyong handa?

TITO: Kambing diri mi ila Mama nimo
TITO: Ok.Ingat palage ha love u

MACKAY: kambing? ewk. hehehe.
MACKAY: walay pabuto? daghan kaau diri pabuto pero d mi mugawas oi kay ang usok.

TITO: Kalami ana he he he

MACKAY: nyak. pulusyon. lol. pakiingon sa ila mama ug tita ug mga tiguwang dnha. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

TITO: Ang gensan gebombahan pati sa palingke sa lagao ( GenSan has been bombed including the public market in Lagao)

MACKAY: ay as in? wala man gud koy tv diri wala ko kabalo. kanus-a lang tito?

TITO: Happy new year din love u

MACKAY: Love You All!

TITO: Karon gabie lang (Just tonight)

MACKAY: asa tito? sa lagao public market ug asa pa? ang mga bugoy namo kay naa man daw sa heights ingon ni achu.

TITO: Palingke sa lagao og sa ubal plaza
(Lagao Public Market and Oval Plaza)

MACKAY: dili lagi nko makita diri sa internet ay. tsk.

------ -----------------
Oh please not the Oval Plaza with their beautiful holiday theme of Enchanted Kingdom.

Not the Lagao Public Market where it's surrunded by quiet suburban subdivisions and terminals that's full of people going home to the surruonding provinces.

Very sad, devastating news. Hate hate hate everywhere. It's almost unfathomable.

They probably saw it on TFC (The Filipino Channel) there and me having no tv where I stay had no idea.

I don't have the facts yet because I can't seem to find it in any Philippines local news via internet.

I wish it's not as bad as I fear it is.

I wish this new year, hate inside people's heart would take a breather.

Good bless General Santos City and the Whole Wide World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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