Advance Huge THANK YOU'S to GENSAN bloggers and readers!'

12:40 AM

Within 24 hours since I posted the "Pay It Forward GenSan" feeding program, Bariles of GENSANTOS dot COM, the top blog in General Santos City, texted me to check out his blog.

Until now, my heart is filled with happiness everytime I remember this blog post of Bariles regarding the program .

Maraming salamat po in helping us spread the word and eventually the deed.

Yesterday, I was awaken by a text message from Roxy of RD Corporation.
By this time I was shivering with delight with the GenSan people. I've never solicited nor asked for sponsors, except within the family, ever before and when I read Roxy's text message, I don't even know what to reply to her. I figured it out eventually and to my amazement, Roxy of RD Corporation, turned out to be an old friend from Notre Dame of Dadiangas High School. It really is a small world.

It was great hearing from you again Rox! I hope to see you when I'm in town and thank you!

Lastly, last night, Tanchi of Monkey Monitor left a comment to my post that really made my day.
He also mentioned me in his yesterdays entry.

Sa inyong lahat; MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO! The street children of GenSan will have a fabulous Christmas day because of you people.

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