GenSan's Foam Party and I Won't Be There :(

2:43 PM

Fresh from General Santos City, I was catching up on my blog subscriptions when I saw this site Monkey Monitor (photo below is credited to him) from Mindanao Bloggers and almost cried out of frustration.

Fates fairies are playing a trick on me when it comes to GenSan's famous Foam Party. Back in my time growing up in GenSan, Foam Parties are unheard of. When I went away for college, they started this event but I was always unable to attend for some reason. When I went to Kuwait I can only sigh in inggit (envy) over my friends party photos. Now that I'm back and was actually in GenSan until yesterday, this happened. Kainis.

If I've only known, I wouldn't have taken that 3 hours ride back to Davao just yet.

It would've been fun to dance and drink amidst bacteria filled Foams and disco lights. Although I can't drink my beloved Red Horse Stallion anymore, it would've been still worth it to see my friends get loose and wasted.

More than that, I LOVE RIVERMAYA!!! Been singing their songs since I was in 5th grade together with my brothers especially during blackouts.

Although GenSan is just mere hours away from Davao, it won't be possible as I've already extended my GenSan getaway for 10 days and my mother will berate me for not spending enough time with the brothers here in Davao. I also have to get a full medical check up for my upcoming travel back to Kuwait and I can't do that unless this not so cute acute pharyngitis that I have for couple of months now let up.

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