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7:43 PM

Thus am posting my favorite parts of that night.

The Filipino ethnic dance for the opening ceremony.
This one was a treat coz it's very rare for any Filipino events here in Kuwait to portray one of the Filipino wealth - the art of dancing and the history behind it.

Ika nga nila - opening pa lang - winner na.

The dancer waving the Philippine Flag.
I've heard too many rumors about how horrible the casual dress was for the dance. Personally, I think they could've pulled it off on stage if only they didn't wore those ghastly leggings.

Kris Lawrence's performance.

Geneva Cruz's outfit and oh the Paraiso song. I love Smokey Mountain!

The evening gown category. Which we weren't able to take loads of photos from coz by that time ( read past 1 a.m) everyone's camera are low in battery.
You gotta love their long gowns! You gotta love our very own talented Filipino designers here in Kuwait.
I've mentioned chica Filipinas right?
Below are some of them.
Spell C-H-I-C-A!

Guess where Kuya Lino is in the photos. Nope, he's not wearing a long gown. Hehehe

There are a lot of intrigues from that show that I'm not even going to pay tribute by writing about it here.

Just that, I hope, next time the candidates and the organizers should lay everything out in the open (i.e: the candidates should what they're competing for aside from the grand prize and the organizers should have some kind of a system). Un lang po. BOW.

I had fun that night most especially coz I was with my family and it's always fun to dress up. Also, I had fun because I was in the midst of the Filipino community who works hard here in Kuwait but got time to support Filipino events such as this.


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