Pinoy Digital Photographers In Kuwait (PINDOT)

4:24 AM

Capture precious moments with a click! There's no better way to preserve good memories but through the lenses and the newly-formed group, Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait or PINDOT knows exactly the magic and power of the digital camera that captures vividly the trivialities and essence of life, people, events and the world that we live in.

PINDOT, a Filipino word which means "Click" in English, finally clicked its way on Friday at the L'Elysees Suite Hotel during the event organised by the Creative Entertainment Group (CEG) led by Ferdie Nadera. The PINDOT founding members Benedict Garcia, Neil Ocampo and Jeb Elamparo explained that they're bound by their love for photography and decided to form the group in April this year.

"Currently we have 33 members and we would welcome others who share the same passion with us", explained Garcia. He added thatthe group's initial project will be a photo exhibit dubbed "PINDOT for Frank," a fund - raising event for those devastated by the typhoon Frank in the Philippines. He explained dthat some of their masterpieces will be sold to the public and the proceeds will be donated to the typhoon victims.

"Photography is a great form of hobby. It's a stress buster and more importantly, a perfect medium of self-expression," shared Al Manlangit, a member of the group and an architect by profession who enjoys taking photos of panoramic landscapes.

The launching of PINDOT was attended by Philippine Labour Attache Leopoldo De Jesus, Welfare Officer Amy Crisostomo, some US Embassy Officials and other distinguished guests.

By Michelle Fe Santiago
Special to the Arab Times

Shout out to tito Al Manlangit! Two invites na po! It was fun seeing you again. Swear, I have one of those huge camera that from now on shall lug around with me. I'll ditch my ever reliable phone camera na. Hehehe. Apologies to the PINDOT members for the unworthy photo that I took. Blurred na, pixelated pa! Thank you's for the papparazi shots though! I wonder if I can get a copy. Hhhmmmmmm =)

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