Death Sentenced Marilou Ranario, Pardoned by the Amir of Kuwait!

6:33 AM

This news flash isn't confirmed yet but that's the chinese whisper that's going on around the Filipino community here in Kuwait.

I was told that it will be in the headline news first thing in the morning.

Marilou Ranario was the one accused of murdering her employer 3 years ago and was sentenced to death by the Kuwait court despite the appeals made by the Philippine government. I blogged about her story in this link last December.

Please, let us send her good thoughts and prayers that the Amir pardon was indeed granted and that she will be sent back to the Philippines where she can be taken cared of by her family and friends.

If ever it's true, let us thank the Kuwait government for showing mercy and the Philippine government for doing everything that they can to free her.

Live and let live people!

Good morning y'all!

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